The cellar

Our only aim is to respect the natural will of the grapes. This means combing ancestral knowledge with modern techniques, without excess. There are many positive aspects to progress, everything depends on what one does with them. For example we can speak about the use of a pneumatic press,

thermoregulation in our cellars, or the addition of oxygen at various stages in the vinification. However the older methods are upheld when vinifiying on fine lees, or only allowing spontaneous fermentations.

All stages of vinification are carried out following the lunar cycle, the influence of the moon is crucial in the vinifying of our wines.

Finally, indigenous yeasts play a primordial role in our cellars. All of our ferments, without exception, are spontaneous. The indigenous microflora present on our grapes are the cradle of the yeasts. Each parcel is vinified separately, in thermos-regulated Inox tanks, having long and slow natural ferments. Thus the wines conserve their unique character, and under these conditions the terroir can speak freely.

We avoid uniformity, the standardization of our wines, and do not subdue our varieties with the use of aromatic or pre-selected yeasts.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health.
To consume with moderation.