Our vines

« The harmony between working the vines and their natural environment is one of our guiding principles. »
Vignes Domaine Moreux

Our philosophy is simple: the vine is our church. Our environmental charter is to respect nature and the vines, which are the foundation of our passion.

This belief means we limit our intervention in the vines, reinforced by our understanding of the terroir. We observe the roots of our vines in the earth, understand the subtleties of the terroir, measure is capacity to nourish, evaluate the health of the vines, and take care of them.

In our Domaines, treatments are kept to the minimum, the rational nutrition of the soil (no chemical fertilizers, ploughing several times a year), allow us to exacerbate the plants physiology and its natural resilience.

We voluntarily prune short, and our vines are manually de-budded, whilst observing and respecting the flow of the sap, in order to obtain the optimum durability of our vines and thus a higher concentration of grapes.

This trend of limited intervention, leading to lower yields, allows us to obtain healthy grapes, balanced, and capable of producing wines of great quality.

Our yields on the Loire valley and in Provence are respectively an average of 55 and 35 hectolitres per hectare, and they are 35 hectolitres per hectare for 65 allowed hectolitres.

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