Côtes de Provence Blanc

Variety: Rolle (80%), Ugni blanc (20%)

Robe / Nose: A pale and brilliant gold. A fine nose, elegant, candied, small fruits, garrigue, white flowers, citrus.

Ageing potential: 2 to 5 years

Serving temperature: Serve fresh at 10 to 12 °C

Tasting notes: An attack fresh and lively, a well=balanced roundness, good volume, with aeration complex, lemon, candied fruits, pineapple.

Pairing: Aperitif, salads, grilled fish.

The Côtes de Provence ‘Château des Vingtinières’ from Domaine Patrice Moreux comes from 35 hectares with a single tenant, situated on the Permian plateau of the ‘Valley des Maures’, at the heart of the A.O.C. and is favoured by low yields, and a soil of clay, sand and a rocky sub-soil. The combination of this delicate terroir with the dry and sunny weather gives us wines that are elegant, lively and have a persistent finish.

Variety: Rolle (80%), Ugni blanc (20%)

Localisation: Le Cannet des maures

Production: 5 000 bottles a year

Viticultural practices: limited intervention. The earth is ploughed, the only fertilizer used is organic and only when necessary. Manual harvesting.

Vinification: We harvest only in the morning, ‘when it’s fresh’, to avoid the grapes oxidising, Pneumatic pressing. Spontaneous fermentation with natural yeasts from the grapes. Aged in INOX tanks with temperature control, on a fine layer of lees.

Terroir: clay, sand and a rocky sub-soil.

Vine age: 30 years

Plantation density: 6500 vines per HA.

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